About us


The idea of the Road Trip In USA

Already as teenagers we three brothers had a dream: We want do a longer trip through the USA together, just we three, with the car, independent and free to drive everywhere with the car where we want. Three years ago we got more specific with this plan and chose this summer for our seven-weeks-trip.

In the section Travel Tips we want to show you how our preparations have been. There you will find a lot of current information for a Road Trip in USA and travels in general. A lot of our friends are planing similar trips and we also got a benefit from blogs like this while our preparations. We thought that we also want to do already some work for you and your own travel to the USA.

We want to run the blog multilingual to give a lot of people the opportunity to share and profit from our experiences.

We invite you to visit our blog, to comment and also to give us tips and information, too. We are in the US for the first time and some of you know maybe already a nice place on our route which is worth a stop.

Our Current Location:

Route nach Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen