After the Niagara Falls, heading to Chicago

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Today we arrived in Ernie, a small biker-town with an university. The Niagara Falls have been amazing! If you will be in the US, definitely visit them! We go now to the city.

For photographers this natural spectacle is just unbelievable beautiful, take a look on my photos:

Changes in the route

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We received the news today that we’re not allowed to cross the American-Canadian border with our rented car, so we have to cut Toronto from our list. But anyway, we’ll go on foot to the Canadian site and check the nightlife and the view there. The car is already parked for free at the parking lot of the Casino! :)

Niagara Falls

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After a long ride we arrived at the Niagara Falls finally. There are two sides: The American and the Canadian, we will get ourselves a hotel for the Canadian tomorrow. Of course we have to check if we can cross the border. Today we will watch the falls it selves.


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Today we arrived at the Ithaca, the city is famous because of the Cornell-University. The Motel yesterday was quite nice, so we stay here for another night. We even got upgraded by a nice woman. We’ll check the nightlife and go for something to eat.

Our Mustang!

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Today we picked up our Ford Mustang from Dollar. With 315 horses under the hood this baby runs incredible fast. We will have a lot of fun with it! More information for renigng a car at at the travel tips.

Here the first picture:

We’re so happy about being on the road finally. We nearly couldn’t have waited for that any longer. Our destination for today is Harrisburg. We rented a one-star hotel, let’s see how it will gonna to be.

Washington is different!

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If you like to go to museums and explore the american history, you are definetiley right in Washington. We just had two intensive days of sightseeing. A must-to is definetely the National Air and Space Museum and the National Archive. More information: Travel Tips.

Up to Washington

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Today we say Good Bye to New York. We had a great time!
We’re just on our way to Washington, now we are much more flexible after we signed a contract at T-Mobile (German telecommunication company). More information about contracts for mobile phones are available in the Travel Tips soon.

Here are some more pictures of us in New York!

Shopping in New York

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One thing was really surprising for us on our Road Trip in USA: You can shop clothes in New York really cheap.

Take a look to this bil :-D .

Bil Shopping New York | Road Trip In USA

We have been already three times more than three hours in Macys, the discount shopping mall is located at 7. Av, 34th St. A view. It’s worth a view. I have never seen such cheap brand-name clothes on one of my travels before!

In our home in Austria the stuff costs about three to four times the ammount. The Offer of reduced products is huge.

Ask for a tourist-discount and you will get another -10%!

New Yorks ultimate Skyline!

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The skyline of New York is really unbelievable.

I’m a passionate hobby-photograph and shot just today about 200 pictures. Here they are, what do you think about them?

The special thing of the skyline of New York are the old skyscrapers, which are architectural just awesome. If you want to enjoy the skyline with a cool beer, here is our tip: unbelievable view to the Empire State Building.

Definetely already one of our highlights on our Road Trip in USA!




Party and Sightseeing with friends

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I’m working at the “austrian abroad-service” (, an organisation which gives Austrians the opportunity to do their civil service in the form of a memorial service, peace service or social service abroad.

In this way I’m going to contribute in the Far East. A nice extra is of course that we are working international in our assicoation and that we have people in the whole world and we’re all the time in contact with them.

So in the USA, too. Of course we connected with our New-York-experts Michael Schlemmer and Roman Pfeiler and spend some awesome afternoons and nights with them.

Our Current Location:

Route nach Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen